FLIR E5 Thermal Imager

Entry-Level Thermal Camera
feature rich and extremely affordable thermal imaging camera with FLIR's patented MSX-technology

Designed for entry-level users, and measuring temperatures up to +250°C, the E5 produces instant, ‘point-and-shoot’ JPEG thermal imagery with all required temperature data included.

FLIR Part No: 63905-0501


The FLIR E5 is an entry-level thermal camera at an extremely affordable price that delivers on both thermal image quality and features. Requiring no prior thermal camera knowledge or experience, the FLIR E5 is the ideal choice for first times users. Simple point and shoot operation is all that is needed to gain a real-time thermal representation of your subject.

With 120 × 90 pixel resolution it is capable of measuring 4800 temperature spots and providing clear thermal images, while the built-in digital camera allows visible light images to be captured and used as a reference for quickly locating faults found on the thermal images. The E5 gives you an area box tool with an automatic hot or cold spot that hunts down temperature extremes.

The FLIR E5 thermal imaging camera is also equipped with FLIR’s patented MSX technology which was previously only available on much more expensive cameras. This advanced feature adds definition to your thermal images through an onboard fusion of digital image detail with infrared images, resulting in sharper pictures that enable users to clearly identify problem areas.

FLIR E5 Thermal Imager Features

  • IR resolution: 120 × 90 pixels.
  • MSX resolution: 320 × 240 pixels.
  • Thermal sensitivity/NETD: <0.10°C (0.27°F) / <100 mK.
  • Field of view (FOV): 45° × 34°.
  • Minimum focus distance: 0.5 m (1.6 ft.).
  • Image frequency: 9 Hz.
  • Focus: Focus free.
  • Detector type: Focal plane array (FPA), uncooled microbolometer.
  • Display: 3.0 in. 320 x 240 colour LCD.
  • Image modes: IR image, visual image, MSX, thumbnail gallery.
  • Image storage: Internal memory store at least 500 sets of images.
  • Image storage mode: Simultaneous storage of images in IR, visual and MSX.
  • File formats: Standard JPEG.
  • Interfaces: USB Micro: Data transfer to and from PC and Mac device.
  • Battery type: Rechargeable Li Ion battery.
  • Dimensions: 244 x 95 x 140mm.
  • Weight: 0.575 kg (1.27 lb.) incl. battery.
  • FLIR E5 Warranty: 10 Year Detector/5 Year Battery/2 Year Parts & Labour.

Included Accessories:

Hard transport case, FLIR Tools software download card, 2 x Li-ion rechargeable batteries, USB cable, Power supply including multiplugs, FLIR E5 Calibration Certificate, Getting Started Guide, Warranty Extension or Registration Card.


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